Marion Manor II

Marion Manor offers a charm all its own. Nestled in the country setting of Curwensville, Marion Manor is providing choices for seniors. A beautifully landscaped community with accommodations for 40 residents, we offer a comfortable, family-like atmosphere. We have dedicated ourselves to making your stay with us as comfortable as possible in an atmosphere where you will feel at ease.

Personal centered care is a form of care that puts the resident at the heart of all decisions. The resident is very involved in his or her own care from the start. Family members are also very important for any resident who comes to stay at our facility. We encourage family participation in every aspect of the resident’s stay.

1223 Schofield Street Exd
Curwensville, PA 16833 USA

Ridgeview Elder Care

When selecting a care provider, we encourage you and your family to visit our facility and see the commitment to quality care we provide at Ridgeview. We suggest you talk to our staff, as well as visit with our current residents who have chosen us for their care needs. We are dedicated to providing top quality care each and every day.

One of the first things you will notice is that we have taken out the institutional look you may be familiar with when you think of a nursing home setting. A more comfortable environment makes our residents feel more at ease and encourages the healing process. Ridgeview’s rehabilitation approach is person-centered care, and we feel you will quickly see the difference.

30 Fourth Avenue
Curwensville, PA 16833 USA