Curwensville Area School

The Curwensville Area School District covers 104.8 square miles and includes Curwensville Borough, Ferguson Township, Grampian Borough, Greenwood Township, Lumber City Borough, Penn Township, and Pike Township. The school district, with a total enrollment of approximately 1,400, is small enough to enable the administrative faculty to know the children by name yet large enough to meet each child’s individual curricular needs. The school district’s major focus of the K-12 curriculum emphasizes the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. The district continues to update the curriculum and is establishing graduation criteria and transitional outcomes while collaborative and independent learning, portfolio assessments, and whole language, child centered instruction are common curriculum initiatives. In addition to vocational and special education programs, the school district has a satellite center that offers advances and unusual courses for deserving pupils. In addition to providing an expanding and total curriculum, the school district is upgrading its physical plant to accommodate the new and expanding role the school offers to the community. It most recently completed an 8.9 million dollar renovation and construction project including new lockers, floor tile, and handicap accessibility improvements.

Curwensville Area School Map