Irvin Park

irvinparkIrvin Park is located at the edge of the Curwensville Borough. The park lies right beside the Susquehanna River. It has access for fishing, playground equipment as well as picnic areas.

Curwensville Lake

damThe Curwensville lake is now a popular destination for Boats, Tourists, Water Lovers, Families, and outdoors people. The lake has something to offer for everyone.

Bilger's Rocks

1485Bilger’s rocks is a geological wonder. It has amazing rock formations and caves. It is a beautiful location for enjoying natur, climbing, and exploring for the whole family.


Worlds_End_State_Park_Far_ViewThere are many activities and things to do in the Curwensville Region. Check out the activities page for details of the various things to do for community members and visitors.

Susquehanna River and Streams

Brown_Springs,_Moshannon_State_ForestThe Curwensville Region is home to the Susquehanna River, the Anderson Creek, and several small streams in and around Curwensville, Grampian, Pike, Penn, Bloom.

Rails to Trails

The Rails-to-Trails system in Curwensville Region offers opportunity for walking, jogging, and biking. The trails system is well groomed and runs from through Curwensville and extends from Grampian to Clearfield.