Curwensville Lake

Curwensville Lake is located just to the south of the town of Curwensville, Pennsylvania. The lake was formed due to the construction of the Curwensville Dam to the north of the lake. Before the dam was built, there were several floods occurring along the West Branch Susquehanna River, affecting the towns of Curwensville, and Clearfield to the north. On September 3, 1954 a Flood Control Act was passed due to the flooding along the West Branch river basin. The dam cost $20,400,000 to construct.

The Curwensville lake is now a popular destination for Boats, Tourists, Water Lovers, Families, and outdoors people. The Curwensville Lake has picnic tables, bbq racks, childrens play equipment, bathrooms, camping sites, trails, cabins, boat launch, docks, fishing, volley ball nets with sand, a beach, open spaces for soccer, football, and much more!

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